Since its introduction for use in the late 1970s, the crossflow filtration solution has evolved and extended to create solutions for many new industries.


The end of the '90s saw the crossflow filtration system geared more and more for the wine industry, thanks to the improvement of membrane research, development, and

production. Winetech’s contribution to the development of top-shelf filtration technology has been anything but quiet.


After years of research and trial, Winetech pioneered the mobile filtration solution, state of the art technology and winemaking knowledge brought directly to your facility, conveniently meeting your expectations as a winemaker: wine finishing, wine filterability, and ultimately, wine quality. 

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The emergence of more efficient and durable crossflow membranes have opened doors for use of tangential or “crossflow” filtration. Crossflow filtration works by moving the flow of wine across the membrane at high velocity, continually scouring the surface and removing fouling materials. Wine and dissolved solids continually pass through the membrane while suspended solids are retained by the further concentrated




Winetech takes great pride in helping wine reach its full potential. Our equipment is the resultant of hundreds of trials of membrane filtration. Our hollow fiber membranes direct the delta flow through a nominal 0.2 micron, getting the closest to sterile filtration. The membranes create minimal friction, are gentle on the wine, and create almost undetectable temperature increase. Best of all, there is less handling of the wine versus other multi-step filtration systems such as D.E., pads, and cartridge filtration also resulting in lower 

environmental impact.




Turbidity tests are performed on the spot before, during and after filtration.