Winetech has worked since 1997 in both Italy and California to find the optimal combination of membrane and chassis. Our membrane configuration ultimately chosen has the best flow, lowest fouling, and the most predictable consistency of filtration quality.

This achievement has brought us to implement a fleet of crossflow filters for our own mobile service, and for any customers who are ready to purchase.

The particularly high performance combined with ease of use and accessible price, make our units the optimal option for achieving the highest level of filtration quality Winetech has always guaranteed.

Crossflow filter with capillary membranes for a total cleaning and a sterile filtration. Suitable for filtration of still and sparkling wines, cider, fruit juices, beer, unclear fermented products. Prevents anomalous fermentation, improvement of protein stability, recovery of second or third pressing.

System for the separation of water from total dissolved solids, be they molecules or ions. The filter element is a semipermeable composite-film membrane. Suitable for for processing product at various concentration level; maximum sugar recovery; colors concentration; partial or total rejection of acidity and salts.


This system installs a membrane which divides the alcoholic liquid from an extractant (generally water). A joint-action of diffusion and natural osmosis makes ethanol molecules migrate to the extracting fluid removing the alcohol content.

Suitable for alcohol removal from wine, beer or other hydroalcoholic solutions; restarting a stuck fermentation; correct “out-of-balance” liquids.


Innovative non-invasive system for a continuous monitoring and regulation of gases dissolved inside a liquid.

Suitable for increase or decrease the carbon dioxide content; remove oxygen to prevent oxidation; reduce unwanted flavors (e.g. hydrogen sulfide).

This technology uses ion exchange polymers (resins) which, when in touch with liquid containing dissolved salts (and therefore ions), catch certain ions and exchange them with other ones having the same electric charge. Suitable for pH correction; water softening; tartaric stabilization of wines; acidity adjustment.

System that guarantee an accurate proportional dosage in a process line. A flow-meter measures the instantaneous flow rate and a digital metering pump doses the right quantity of additive. Suitable for clarifying agents, arabic gum, enzymes, flavors, coloring substances.

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